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Ryan Seacrest, Jimmy Kimmel, Kidd Kraddick, Jamie & Danny Bonaduce, Billy Bush, Mancow, Roger Darren & Marilyn, Leeza Gibbons, The Bert Show, Lex & Terry, Dave Ryan, Mark & Brian, Ace & TJ, Javier Romero, Don Bleu, Paul & Young Ron, and scores of others in every format. What do these top radio and TV personalities all have in common?  They have all been directed and coached by Randy Lane.

The Randy Lane Company was launched in 1996 with the mission of, “creating brand depth for radio stations by developing morning shows that generate ratings and revenue.” Randy created an innovative method for coaching talent that was inspired by his coaching mentor Timothy Gallwey (Inner Game of Tennis). This method focuses on asking the right questions combined with an honest and ego preserving way of giving feedback so the talent has ownership of their growth.

Randy’s radio career began as a DJ in college where he became fascinated with Top 40 morning legends Rick Dees and Scott Shannon.  He was having so much fun on the air (Mornings, middays and afternoons) that his parents kept asking when he was going to get serious about his career path! After ten years of too much fun on the air, Randy brings the perspective of a Program Director at Star 98.7/KYSR Los Angeles where he created the first successful major Modern AC, Q101/WKQX Chicago, and WRQX/Washington D.C. He has also been a General Manager and has collected numerous industry awards including Billboard’s “Consultant of the Year” for Adult Contemporary and Top 40.

Randy has long been a student of the creative process and human potential, completing several Artist’s Way courses, The Forum and numerous creativity/metaphysical workshops. He lives in Los Angeles where he hangs out with his three daughters, and manages to slot in time to hike with his golden retriever Lacey and do tai chi.

What others say about Randy

  • Jimmy Kimmel
    Jimmy KimmelJimmy Kimmel Live

    "Randy Lane is a wise and knowing sage whose guidance helped make me America's 9th most-popular late night talk show host."

  • The late Kidd Kraddick
    The late Kidd KraddickKHKS, Dallas

    "I tell you this every freakin time, but you ARE THE BEST and you can quote me. Your reviews are the single most helpful tool I have for my show, and I’ve got plenty of tools. Your knowledge of the show (and radio) and your insight is worth its weight in gold."

  • Paul Castronovo
    Paul CastronovoPaul & Young Ron, The Big 105.9, Miami

    “He asked me who was the best talent coach in the business, and I told him there is only one: Randy Lane.”

  • Pat Paxton
    Pat PaxtonEntercom

    “Randy…you were definitely a hit.  Really appreciate you helping us out.”

  • Steve “Steve-O” LaTart
    Steve “Steve-O” LaTartExecutive Producer The Dave Ryan in the Morning Show, 101.3 KDWB, Minneapolis, MN

    “Stan Main knows how to coach talent and realizes that creativity is key.  His true talent lies in helping with the molding of the raw creativity into the next radio superstar. Stan Main is patient.  He had to be to work with Rochester’s Brother Wease…TWICE”

  • The late Kidd Kraddick
    The late Kidd KraddickKHKS, Dallas 

    "If I never was able to speak to you or see you again and all I got from you was this monthly review, you’re still worth DOUBLE the money. No kidding. Fresh perspective, great ideas and provocative analysis. Thanks for all the time you put into it (and for being a morning show genius)."

  • Leslie Fram
    Leslie FramSenior VP of Music Strategy, CMT

    “I've had the pleasure of working with Randy Lane off and on during my career and he's has been an amazing mentor when it comes to talent coaching and programming. No one is better than Randy when it comes to understanding and knowing how to coach real talent and taking them to the next level. Under ratings guidance in the 90's as a member of one of the longest standing successful alternative morning shows in Atlanta– 'The Morning X with Barnes, Leslie & Jimmy', we reached our highest ratings. I've also worked with Randy on developing talent in other dayparts. For radio to survive in the future we must depend on 'personalities' and Randy is definitely the person who can nurture this development.”

  • Dave Ryan
    Dave Ryan

    "I can't stand Randy Lane. He can teach a morning show in just days what took me over 25 years of mornings to learn. Thanks a lot, Randy. Where were you in 1985 when I needed you? Randy understands that perfect blend of science, art and pure fun of morning radio.”

  • Paul O'Malley
    Paul O'MalleyRegional President, Citadel Broadcasting

    “The Randy Lane Company has a unique ability to increase the competency of the air talent without compromising the overall vision of the radio station. His insights into the nuances of PPM, content management and idea generation have been a great asset to our high profile morning shows.”

  • Free Beer and Hot Wings
    Free Beer and Hot WingsGrand Rapids

    "When we wanted to hire a coach, we thought about the shows we like and respect, and they all had Randy Lane as their coach. Its a no brainer!"

  • Lisa Wexler
    Lisa WexlerThe Lisa Wexler Show

    "Working with Randy Lane and his team gave me the tools to create a great radio show. Now I feel like I have a solid foundation under me on which to build. Choosing to work with Randy was one of the best investments I ever made. I am confident it will continue to pay off."

  • Cadillac Jack
    Cadillac JackCadillac and Dallas, KICKS 101/Atlanta

    “I wear a silicone "WWRD" bracelet to the studio every morning. Randy becomes a silent partner of your morning show. He provides positive direction during coaching sessions and, if need be, serves as a mediator between your PD and your show. Randy has made me stronger as a personality and his input is worth so much to me that I had him written into my contract. I can’t imagine how cool it would have been to work with Randy Lane as my PD back in the 70’s, er, I mean 80’s. Yea, let’s stick with 80s.”

  • Steve Woods
    Steve WoodsKBZT FM 94-9, San Diego

    "As a wet behind the ears rookie three years ago, I was terrified about this new venture: On Air. With Randy Lane's guidance, I quickly moved to a number two position and now a number one position. In three years. Randy Lane is a mentor, a friend, and simply the best in the business. Hopefully I'll get to work with Randy Lane my entire radio career, because, frankly, I don't want to do it without him!"

  • Julie Adam
    Julie AdamVP Programming, Rogers Radio, Toronto

    "Randy Lane & his team are simply the best at coaching talent. I love working with them and have learned a ton!"

  • Kevin Weatherly
    Kevin WeatherlySenior VP Programming, CBS Radio, Los Angeles

    "Randy is one of the premiere talent coaches in the business. His understanding of the unique relationship that the talent/personality has with the listener is key to creating "sticky" and compelling content in an environment where the talent has to"cut through" and be memorable. Randy's approach is thoughtful and effective. His understanding of PPM and what does and doesn't connect is spot on. His ability to coach and provide an objective and comprehensive perspective has been of great value to me and the talent I work with daily."

  • Elizabeth Hamma
    Elizabeth HammaMarket Manager, Palm Beach Broadcasting

    “Randy has earned a great level of respect from our morning shows and management team. Strategic, proactive, knowledgeable and caring, Randy builds relationships that promote an atmosphere conducive to constructive show development. Without hesitation I recommend Randy Lane to any organization looking for their morning show to be demographically targeted, focused, topical, PPM smart and entertaining.”

  • Tim Storey
    Tim Storey Life Celebrity Life Coach and inspirational speaker, Los Angeles

    “Randy Lane is known as the best of the best his field. There is a reason that so many of the top radio and TV personalities seek out his services. When me and hall of fame running back Eric Dickerson were working on a radio show, there was only one person we wanted to be our coach and that was Randy Lane.”

  • Steven J Goldstein
    Steven J GoldsteinExecutive Vice President, Saga Communications

    "Randy and his crew have a fantastic blend of art and science. The game is won on talent but becomes durable with great execution. Randy gets that and importantly has a terrific style communicating with air personalities."

  • Gary Bryan
    Gary BryanMorning Show Host, KRTH101, Los Angeles

    "Randy has been a great help to us at KEARTH 101. He understands that while all morning shows are different, there are common threads that run through all successful shows. He helped us audit our show to make sure we're covering those bases, and along the way gave us valuable insight. He also helped us establish processes to assure that we continued to make progress."

  • Scott G. Mahalick
    Scott G. MahalickDirector of Programming, L&L Broadcasting, Alpha Broadcasting

    "Randy Lane unlocks the inner genius and inspires talent to greatness!"

  • Annmarie Topel
    Annmarie Topel VP/GM, Saga Communications, Milwaukee

    "Randy Lane is more than a consultant. He's a director, teacher, creator, mentor and guide with the ability to tell the hard truths without pissing anyone off-including fragile talent. His innate ability to understand what makes for good entertainment and to transfer that knowledge and wisdom TO talent is uniquely special. Randy didn't just talk...he taught, and he helped us build something really special."

  • Rich Shertenlieb
    Rich ShertenliebToucher & Rich, WNZ, Boston

    "I can truly say that I wouldn't be where I am without Randy Lane. From career guidance to on-air techniques, Randy Lane is truly a radio talent's best friend."

  • Ryan Seacrest
    Ryan SeacrestTV/radio host and producer

    "When I was coming up in the broadcasting business, Randy was a tremendous resource to me. He helped me hone my on-air skills. He was incredibly generous with his advice and was very supportive, which was invaluable. He definitely helped me get to the next level."

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